• Receive a beautiful hand spun, hand woven blanket from the sheep at Ananda Hills Farm.
  • Support your local sheep, farmer and weaver – local weavers will make you a one of a kind blanket.
  • Create memories, be a part of the process, and become part of our farm life.
  • Shareholders will enjoy 3 farm days. (dates TBA).
  • Visit with this year’s lambs and the sheep who are contributing their wool to your blanket.
  • Meet the weavers and see the spinning wheels and looms in action.
  • Join us for activities on Olympic Fiber Farm Tour Weekend – September 17, 18 (Olympic Fiber Farm Tour) and receive your completed blanket when you come to the farm.
  • At each visit, receive a dozen fresh organic eggs and other surprise gifts.
  • The cost for a blanket is $500 for the season.  A limited number of shares are available.

For more information and sign up call 360-732-0111 or email


Naturally colored Shetland roving and batts for handspinners and felters, available in browns, white, and black.


A limited amount of handspun, naturally colored Shetland yarn for knitters and crocheters.


Eggs from our happy, pastured, organically fed chickens, available at the Port Ludlow Farmers Market, at the farm or through our CSA.


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