About Ananda Hills Farm


Ananda Hills Farm is a 10-acre farm started in 2001 when Jennie Watkins wanted to have a handspinners flock of Shetland Sheep and to live more closely with the land and seasons. Over the past 8 years many people – including neighbors, fellow fiber enthusiasts and friends- have helped Ananda Hills grow from 5 sheep and a small garden patch to a much more diverse and productive organic and biodynamic farm. There are now over 30 sheep, 150 laying hens, heritage turkeys, a greenhouse and a quarter acre market garden. Ananda Hills’ mission is to produce the most nutritious food and highest quality fiber using methods that enhance the health of the land, the customer and the local enconomy. Products for sale include eggs, vegetables, wool (raw fleeces, roving, handspun yarn), and Shetland Sheep.


One response to “About Ananda Hills Farm

  1. What magnificent and admirable work you are doing. I am familiar with the high quality of your wool and yarn. Congratulations to you. Libby (Washington DC)

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