Breeding Season….


              These past few weeks, during the cold wintery weather, we have been thinking about spring lambs, so has our lead ram Shuler (pictured above).  It is the time of year to put the ewes and rams together, and voila lambs 145 days later!  First, however, we have to choose who will be bred, who pairs up with which ram based on the qualities of wool and other important characteristics we are breeding for i.e. soft wool, good mothers, sheep that do well on an organic pasture system etc.  This year 2 of our rams are being used and a 3rd from a friend’s farm is on loan for some fresh genetics. Each ram has his own stratgies for impressing his group of ladies and it’s best if we just stay out of the way.

Below is Bjorn he is an 8 month old ram we are borrowing from our friend Marilyn Maxwell.  We are looking to obtain new genetics, along with white fleeces.

Below is Shuler who likes to run the show along with impressing the ladies with his barn remodeling skills.  He has given us beautiful lambs with soft chocolate brown fleeces.

        To keep our thoughts positive during this dark and unexpectedly cold winter solstice, we remind ourselves that we will have  adorable dark chocolate and white chocolate lambs come May.


5 responses to “Breeding Season….

  1. Super-duper! Kudos to all of you, especially the Taylors! You did a wonderful job; the photos and text give much insight into Ananda Hills Farm. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Mom!!! It’s excellent to have my mother, still a farmgirl at heart, be the first person to leave a comment.
    Honest, I didn’t make her do it 🙂

  3. Jennie! It looks fantastic, great post. I can’t wait to meet the new visiting ram! I’m sure Tina is so proud 🙂

  4. Hi, Jennie! Your wool is the best! I bought it all…Merry Christmas.

  5. Hi Betsy, Thanks for buying our handspun yarn! I hope you enjoy knitting with it, and remember when you are knitting that you helped pay for the winter hay to feed the sheep! Happy knitting and thanks again. Jennie

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